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About Lindisima Floraterapia

      An Invitation to indulge, share and be yourself

A road to El Dorado..
Our products are inspired by the Latin style.  A style that fuses playfulness and passion.  In Latin America, we grew up using herbs for both medicine and beauty.  Some of our recipes come from our pre-Colombian and Spanish ancestors, others from around the world.  Our products are natural, have simple packaging and are easy to use. 

Philosophy... a touch of freshness and passion
We offer a lifestyle that blends beauty and health. At and Lindisima Floraterapia - traditions and the accumulated wisdom of the ages merges with modern technology to deliver the best of Nature to your home. 

We do not believe in the philosophy of "hope in a jar" - we believe in a lifestyle that helps you to discover your true self and look your very best.  Beauty and wellness products are an important part of that lifestyle.  However, fun and passion are also important and our products with their marvelous aromas and ingredients do just that.

We worked for years in the spa industry, in fact we worked at the birth place of the day spa industry and we looked how only a few privileged souls can afford the spa experience.  We decided to change this and make a true spa experience more accessible.  Our products are spa quality and comparable or better than the expensive French counterparts.  You can bring the spa to your home to relax and renew, but at the same time, nurture your body and have fun and let's not forget the passion that you bring to your life.     

A quest ...
We aim to create, design, and offer to you the most unique, effective, inspiring and soul-warming products. And also to always provide a rewarding experience. We constantly strive to ensure that your experience with Lindisima is uplifting, enriching, and of course, satisfying. 

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